Category Unplugged Play Date February 12th, 2019

Grapat Obsession

“a world of pure imagination”

Have you ever held a handcrafted wooden toy? You can see the grain of the wood shining through the paint, see the care that went into each brush stroke, every piece is slightly different and they are never, ever, perfectly perfect. They didn't come out of a mold on a mass assembly line. They weren't pressed out of man made materials in a dimly lit factory. They were made from wood grown in sustainable forests. They were painted with care by master craftsman. 

Our collection of grapat wooden materials has just begun and I can't wait for it to grow and grow and grow as she gets older. When you hold a toy that was forged in love by people who truly believe that a child's play is sacred, you feel it. These toys aren't just toys, they are tools for limitless imagination and the chance for infinite possibilities. 

These super cute little peg dolls are avilalbe on Rose & Rex, my absolute favorite online destination for open ended toys. They are pretty hard to resist aren't they? 

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