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Let's create something beautiful, something honest, something real

“Real is so rare these days”

I heard someone say recently (and I'm paraphrasing a lot) that kids don't worry about what other people think about the art that they create. They just create for the sake of creating. They pick up a crayon and draw. They pick up a paintbrush and paint. They aren't limited by preconceived notions about themselves. There are no boundaries to their creativity. They don't worry about being perfect or pretty. They just do what feels right in the moment. They break all of the rules of "art", because they don't even know there are rules. How nice is that?

Moving forward I want to be in that creative space again. I am tired of being limited by preconcieved notions about photography. I'm tired of being limited by the idea that family photographers must take family formals and pose clients a certain way, that I must constantly be creating "perfect" imagery, and I am tired of being told that you must only shoot in "pretty" locations. Want to shoot at your local park with the green plastic  slide? LET'S DO IT! I guarantee that your child will be smiling ear to ear. Want to shoot in your living room (DON'T CLEAN more than you usually do), want to break all of the lighting rules and turn on a sprinkler at midday in the hot summer sun for a session? CALL ME. Want to bring me along to document your afternoon walk around the block?  Let's. do. that. 

Let's BREAK THE RULES. Let's be honest. Let's be real. Let's create authentic moments with your children so that they can look back on these images and FEEL their childhood. Let's capture the magic of childhood in a way that children understand. Let's take the preconceived notions about family photography and THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW. 

In that same vein, I've also decided that moving forward, I'm not just going to feature my professional work on here. I am going to write about motherhood, activities to do with your toddler, my daughter's retinoblastoma journey, art projects, and food that toddlers (may or may not) like. As mothers we wear many, many, many hats. Let's share. If I find a recipe for a yummy breakfast that will make your Saturday morning easier? I'm sharing! And my hope is that you will get involved in the comments and share back! Find me on facebook. Send me an email. Let's share ideas. Let's share things that help one another out. Let's get messy together. 

Life is not always pretty, life is not always perfect but it IS always beautiful. It's beautiful even if you end up with a c-section instead of the natural birth you hoped for (raises hand), it's beautiful even in the midst of a child's chemotherapy treatments (raises hand), it's beautiful when you are still nursing a toddler (I swear she is going to nurse until she's in college) and she kicks you in the face by accident. repeatedly. on the regular. (raises hand). It's beautiful every single darn day through the struggles. Through the unexpected. Through the pain. Through the laughter. Through the good times. And the bad times.

And when it's hard to see the beauty, call me. We'll find it together. I promise. 


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