“I am passionately curious”

You can take a look below for answers to commonly asked questions or pop on over to the contact form and let me know a little bit more about you and your needs! I love chatting with moms and dads about their family and how best to accomplish their photography goals!


Q: How would you describe your photographic voice?

A. I am a visual storyteller. I tell your story through mostly candid imagery, so that the emphasis is not on perfectly posed portraits, but instead, on honest moments that happen naturally. 

Q. Where will my shoot take place?

A. The sky is the limit! I love shooting on location, in open fields, your living room, the local ice cream shop... wherever you feel is best for you and your family.

Q. Do you travel?

A. YES! I like shooting in places that are meaningful to a family, so my shoots take place anywhere you like! Most of my sessions take place in MA, CT, & NJ...but I am willing and able to travel anywhere in the world to capture your family! :)

Q. Will you help us decide what to wear and where to shoot?

A. YES! Before your shoot takes place we'll definitely be in touch numerous times to make sure your vision comes to life!

Q.What is the best time of day for a photo session

A. The absolute perfect light is within an hour of sunrise and an hour of sunset... so I try to schedule most of my shoots as close to those times as we can get.  The closer to noon, the higher the sun... which means squinting & harsh shadows.  That being said, my motto is "happy kids over perfect light" :)  So we'll make sure to schedule your session at a time that is good for you and your family! 

I want your photographic experience to be fun and easy. I don't want it to feel overwhelming or stressful. At the end of a session, when even dad is smiling and thanking me for a painless experience, I know that I've done my job. If there are any questions that I haven't answered, feel free get in touch. I am always here to help! :)



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